HTML5 benefits on optimization
by yan desjardins / Thursday, 07 November 2013
Published in SEO & Organic Search

The arrival of HTML5 offers great flexibility for developers. Combined with CSS3, HTML5 is a powerful tool for creating high-performance web applications, but also adds some benefits for SEO Optimization. HTML5 brings new features that will change the SEO techniques. Comparing to the previous version, HTML5 adds a new dimension in the description of the

SEO: The 10 most common mistakes
by Alexandre Calderon / Tuesday, 22 October 2013
Published in SEO & Organic Search

Nowadays, there are several common SEO mistakes that many people do not know. Generally, Google and other search engines work very hard to provide relevant search results and quality to their users. Understand and apply the principles below will help you to increase the impact of your SEO campaigns on search engines. Take note that