Great news for Ludis Media
by Jade Bérubé Morin / Wednesday, 24 August 2016
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Things are moving quickly at Ludis Media! We are pleased to announce our newest appointments. Gabriel Touchette, as Marketing Director and Co-Owner. He graduated from Bishop’s University with a double major in Entrepreneurship and Marketing (BBA, 2012), and also received a Master’s degree in Electronic Commerce from l’Université de Sherbrooke (M.Sc, 2013). Alexis Barnabé, as

8 adwords editor features to save you time
by yan desjardins / Saturday, 15 August 2015
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AdWords can be as simple or as complex as necessary. It is a keyword designation system, and it has revamped the way web brands interact with SEO. One keyword or tens of thousands of keywords, the mechanics remain the same. 8 of the below adwords editor features make the handling of any number of keywords

4 ways to transform your PPC Landing Page to reach your conversion goals
by yan desjardins / Friday, 14 August 2015

Pay-per-click (also known as PPC) can sometimes be a tricky game. For many marketers, it can be difficult for them to understand how to evaluate and choose appropriate keywords or write compelling ads that entice users to click on them. However, even if a marketer gets these two things right, they will still have a

How can you take advantage of Yahoo Gemini ?
by yan desjardins / Thursday, 13 August 2015

Yahoo has taken quite a few hits in the last 12 months. They almost pulled back all efforts to compete against Microsoft in early 2015 after agreeing on aligning their efforts to support Microsoft, instead of fighting against them. That seemed to leave them puppets to the masterstroke of the tech giant, but they may

Setting Yourself Up For Social Media Amplification Success!
by Rob May / Monday, 12 January 2015

If you’re thinking that social media isn’t valuable, or not worth the effort, let me hit you up with some knowledge! Forrester Research tells us “social networks have become a critical discovery point and platform.” They are now the second most popular channel for website discovery, behind only organic search.” This should be a big eye

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