Why Google+ is important for SEO?

Why Google+ is important for SEO?

by Alexandre Calderon / Monday, 11 November 2013 / Published in SEO & Organic Search, Social media

Why Google + is it important for SEO? The most used search engine in the world is certainly Google, which controls more than 70% of all global research in 2012. Its innovations continue to evolve, as its success. Google+ was launched in June 2011 under the name “Google Circles” and was offered as an invitation-only platform. Google +, as we know it today, was officially launched in September 2012. Necessarily, considering that Google + is a Google product, the main search engine will give more importance than many other social networks (like Facebook and LinkedIn) for organic search results.



Google + allows you to put your website URL in your profile, which is very beneficial for your website. This is an inbound link authority that is added to the template of your website, increasing your domain authority and page authority. The research done on the names of people often result in a URL containing Google + profile on top of the list, even if the user is more likely to use social networking sites such as Facebook or LinkedIn. Google reserves the right to pay more attention to its own product.


According to Rand Fishkin, CEO/founder of Moz, one advantage of Google+ this Google is the fast indexing of profile’s content. Normally, a “crawl rate” is defined by Google robots but this rate is far superior for Google+. Thus, indexing is faster and it’s easier to announce an event on Google+ and receive visits from organic search because the search result will be published on Google faster.


If you are thinking about increasing your vision on the web, do not forget this essential social network. Keep your profile up to date and create your “circle” of colleagues / acquaintances.


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