Some tips to target your linkbuilding efforts

Some tips to target your linkbuilding efforts

by yan desjardins / Sunday, 10 November 2013 / Published in Content marketing, SEO & Organic Search

One question that comes up frequently in the world of SEO is: How do I find good links and how to target the linkbuilding to good prospects? This short blog post will show you some search queries that are fast and efficient in finding good potential candidates for your website. As a specialist, you should have already completed several tests to find out exactly what you want. These analyzes often require advanced in-depth technical knowledge.

At this point, you should already know:


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  • What scale of authority or PageRank do you need?
  • What keywords do you need or would you like to use?
  • What would be the ideal geolocation of this link?
  • Why your target should give you a link?
  • Which technique would you use to acquire this link?


Some advice of your Ludis Media specialist before starting:


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  • Automatic exclusion of under 30 domain authority
  • Exclusion of techniques designed to manipulate the Google algorithm.
  • Avoid links in the “blogroll” or “Site wide” kind in the “footer”
  • Target editorial quality investments to generate clicks.
  • Diversify to the maximum your anchor texts.
  • Prioritize the target where your competitors will have difficulty to position
  • Analyze page placement to ensure the quality of the inbound link.




Here are some queries that you can use Google to find your potential prospects.

google recherche avance


Find websites where you could find industry ressources
Trouver des sites Web où vous pouvez trouver des ressources de l’industrie:

  • keyword + “top 10 resources”/”top resources”
  • Keywords+ “top 10 sites/”top sites”
  • Keywords + “top 10 articles”/ “top articles”
  • Keywords + “top 10 tools”/”top tools”
  • Keywords + “top 10 web resources”/”top web resources”
  • Keywords + “recommended resources”/”suggested resources”
  • Keywords + “useful resources”/”interesting resources”
  • Keywords + “favorite resources”
  • Keywords + “recommended sites”/”suggested sites”
  • Keywords+ “useful sites”/”interesting sites”
  • Keywords + “favorite sites”
  • Keywords + “recommended websites”/”suggested websites”
  • Keywords+ “useful websites”/”interesting websites”
  • Keywords + “favorite websites”
  • Keywords + “recommended articles”/”suggested articles”
  • Keywords + “useful articles”/”interesting articles”
  • Keywords + “favorite articles”
  • Keywords + “recommended tools”/”suggested tools”
  • Keywords + “useful tools”/”interesting tools”
  • Keywords + “favorite tools”
  • Keywords + “recommended links”/”suggested links”
  • Keywords + “useful links”/”interesting links”
  • Keywords + “favorite links”
  • Keywords + “intitle:resources”
  • Keywords + “round up”
  • Keywords + intitle:”round up”
  • Keywords + intitle:list
  • Keywords + “guide”
  • Keywords + “news”/”industry news”
  • Keywords + “magazine”/”industry magazine”
  • Keywords + “journal”/”industry journal”
  • Keywords + “videos”
  • Keywords + “podcasts”
  • Keywords +
  • Keywords +
  • Keywords + filetype:doc/docx/xls/ppt/pdf


Find websites who are offering guest post possibility
Keywords + “guest blog”

  • Keywords + “guest blogger”
  • Keywords + “guest Column”
  • Keywords + “guest article”
  • Keywords + “write for us”
  • Keywords + “write for me”
  • Keywords + “become a contributor”
  • Keywords + “contribute to this site”
  • Keywords + inurl:category/guest


Find interview possibilities to gain links

  • IndustryName+ intitle:interview -job
  • industrie + intitle:interview -job
  • NomDunCompetiteur+ intitle:interview -job
  • IndustryName+ inurl:interview -job
  • industrie + intitle:interview -job
  • NomDunCompetiteur+ inurl:interview –job


Find websites where you could register you website

  • Keywords + “add a site”/”submit site”/”suggest site”/”post site”/”recommend site”
  • Keywords + “add URL”/”submit URL”/”suggest URL”/”post URL”/”recommend URL”
  • Keywords + add/submit/suggest/post/list/recommend article
  • Keywords + add/submit/suggest/post/list/recommend video
  • Keywords + add/submit/suggest/post/list/recommend podcast
  • Keywords + add/submit/suggest/post/list/recommend whitepaper
  • Keywords + add/submit/suggest/post/list/recommend webinars
  • Keywords + add/submit/suggest/post/list/ job
  • Keywords +”add your business”/”list your business”
  • Keywords + intitle:”directory”
  • Keywords + inurl:”directory”
  • Keywords + Listings


Find comparaison websites in your field

  • ProductName + intitle:review
  • ProductName + intitle:ratings
  • ProductName + intitle:comparison
  • ProductName + intitle:price comparison
  • ProductName + intitle:compare
  • ProductName + intitle:recommended


Q&A specific to your industry

  • IndustryName+
  • IndustryName+
  • IndustryName+
  • IndustryName+


Events websites related to your industry

  • IndustryName+
  • IndustryName+ intitle:conference
  • IndustryName+ intitle:seminar
  • IndustryName+ intitle:expo
  • IndustryName+ intitle:trade show
  • IndustryName+ intitle:exhibition


Here are some examples of search queries that should help you to find a lot of prospects for your links. That should increase your referents and organic segments. You can use some variations, depending on your linguistic approach and your corporative strategy. There are many other possible applications, they are not all listed in this blog. The only limits are your imagination and creativity!


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