How can you take advantage of Yahoo Gemini ?

How can you take advantage of Yahoo Gemini ?

by yan desjardins / Thursday, 13 August 2015 / Published in Brand awareness, PPC & Advertising

Yahoo has taken quite a few hits in the last 12 months. They almost pulled back all efforts to compete against Microsoft in early 2015 after agreeing on aligning their efforts to support Microsoft, instead of fighting against them. That seemed to leave them puppets to the masterstroke of the tech giant, but they may actually be breathing down their neck with the development and implementation of Yahoo Gemini.

Yahoo has circumvented their assurances in the Microsoft Alliance through a loophole. They are basically forming their PPC campaign through a reserved mobile app. It gives them authority to compete directly with Microsoft in a new and exciting way. Small business owners can leverage Yahoo’s own credulous project, Yahoo Gemini.

Yahoo Gemini Old-School Keywords

Keywords through platforms developed by Google and Microsoft have largely abandoned negative keywords and bracketing. For classic keyword users, Gemini brings them back in a big way. An open submission screen allows users to separate keywords by line and add brackets and quotations as necessary. The rules of brackets and negatives work the same as they always have, so it is a nice return to classic keyword organizing.

Big Uploads, Bulk Spreadsheets

Gemini is not without its bulk design features. Users can actually export large quantities of information in a spreadsheet. They can also upload spreadsheet information in just a few clicks. The built-in spreadsheet organizer in Gemini gives users the ability to source by ad type, matches, bid count, and keyword (alphabetically).

Conversion Tracking

Conversions were not available in the first iteration of yahoo gemini adverstising Solution. Yahoo learned their lesson. To compete with Microsoft, they added a rather advanced conversion tracking. It allows users to create a keyword, convert it, and track the changes that have occurred. Each conversion can receive its own set of tags. The whole method works charmingly well given that Gemini did not even have it just six months ago.

Yahoo’s Gemini platform may be behind the curve against Google’s juggernaut platform and Microsoft’s own efforts. Yet, it has enough to offer to make it a viable option to accent a large Google or Microsoft strategy. Yahoo has made enough right moves here to keep Gemini on the radar is a full-time strategy. It will be fascinating to see where they take it, and if the users will turn the tide and bring Yahoo the large mobile PPC audience they are seeking.

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