4 ways to transform your PPC Landing Page to reach your conversion goals

4 ways to transform your PPC Landing Page to reach your conversion goals

by yan desjardins / Friday, 14 August 2015 / Published in Brand awareness, E-Commerce, Market News, PPC & Advertising

Pay-per-click (also known as PPC) can sometimes be a tricky game. For many marketers, it can be difficult for them to understand how to evaluate and choose appropriate keywords or write compelling ads that entice users to click on them. However, even if a marketer gets these two things right, they will still have a difficult time turning a profit if they don’t understand how to create landing pages that convert searchers into legitimate leads or buying customers. While creating the perfect landing page can seem impossible, the truth is that it’s not. Consider the following four changes that any website owner can make to their landing page in order to increase conversions and get more bang for their marketing buck:

  • Marketing professionals and web designers who use PPC ads need to make sure that their landing pages load quickly. If it takes too long for a user to get to what they want to see, it’s likely that they will simply click the back button and try a different ad or search result. In order to decrease load times, web designers need to make sure that image sizes are small and that there are no complex elements that take forever to show up or activate.
  • The number one thing that marketers and business owners need to make sure of is that their landing pages are directly relevant to their ads. In other words, it should contain only the content that the users are looking for. In addition, landing pages need to be very specific. Avoid the use of vague headlines and don’t try to offer too much information at once. Simply give the user a straight answer to their question.
  • Although it sounds a bit counterintuitive, marketers and business owners may want to think about adding more steps to the landing page. People tend to get distracted quickly, and multi-step landing pages keep them interested. In addition, it allows marketers multiple chances to reassure their potential customers that they will indeed get what they are looking for after they have completed all the steps. Finally, it reduces the amount of fields that a person has to fill out on one page, which can make forms feel less tedious.
  • Finally, it may be a good idea for marketers to make some changes to their Landing Page forms. The headlines on effective forms explain what benefits the user is going to get in exchange for their information. Additionally, form designers need to make sure that landing page forms have only a few fields and include a clear call to action on the submit butted itself.

Without conversions, businesses are simply throwing their marketing dollars down the drain with PPC ads. Fortunately, making these four changes to a PPC landing page can help ensure that this never becomes a reality. An optimized landing page, coupled with good ad copy and a focus on only the best keywords, can really help a business owner get the return on PPC investment that they’ve been hoping for.

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