8 adwords editor features to save you time

8 adwords editor features to save you time

by yan desjardins / Saturday, 15 August 2015 / Published in Uncategorized

AdWords can be as simple or as complex as necessary. It is a keyword designation system, and it has revamped the way web brands interact with SEO. One keyword or tens of thousands of keywords, the mechanics remain the same. 8 of the below adwords editor features make the handling of any number of keywords as easy as possible.

1. The copy set tool allows users to make multiple changes at once. It works with an external spreadsheet, and it makes sending old keywords to new keyword chains a whole lot easier. Users can even save the spreadsheet for future use, and to keep a back-up established of all their allocated keywords.

2. The effective keyword grouper is quite powerful. It will help build pre-organized keywords together into sets of about five to 10. The keywords are often legitimate and useful though always review the set before applying them.

3. It is possible, and easy, to organize ads exclusively with images attached. It organizes ads by their size, and it makes it simple to find the right ad sizes with the right messages to maximize advert potential. It fits big ad sizes with big messages and keeps that consistent after logging out and back in.

4. In the past, account switching was painfully clunky and annoying. Account switching has recently been reorganized. The switch account feature lists all accounts in a single menu, similar to gmail, which is useful for users with multiple sites.

5. The commenting simple is about as intuitive as it needs to be. Users can add comments to keywords they intend to use or make notes about active keywords for greater organization. The comments will remain in the system until removed.

6. Adwords Editor has an instant red flag report. It basically flags any potential keywords it finds unadvisable. This will help against grammar mistakes, accidental curse words, or unaware drug references.

7. The keyword duplicate tool will automatically omit copied keywords. This makes the entire program a bit cleaner and easier to sift through. This is especially so when digging through thousands of keywords. The tool is not perfect, but it catches enough to keep it a steady active tool.

8. A new feature includes an instant undo, which works just as effectively as the very common Microsoft Word undo feature.

The above strategies make an inherently complex system, SEO marketing, quite accessible and easy. Try fresh adwords editor tools to bulk up the effectiveness of a web effort.

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