Getting the most out of your Remarketing Campaign

Getting the most out of your Remarketing Campaign

by Pier-Yves C Valade / Friday, 06 December 2013 / Published in PPC & Advertising

So there’s the brand new site of your competitor that you just landed on. It’s so awesome that whenever you go to another site, there is those fancy banners reminding you again and again how awesome your competitor is. Here’s a competitor of one of my clients which restlessly remarkets me with sexy men underwear and other sites I visited recently.


How frustrating is that? No need to say more. It’s called remarketing, or retargeting, and here’s how to do the same to your site’s visitors without robbing the nearest bank to pay for it.

How does remarketing work?

So, you know that you went to this site and that all you see now are those banners, but how did they do that? It’s pretty simple. All you need to do is join an online remarketing solution provider. They will supply you a snippet of code, similar to the Google Analytics one you should already have, on every single page you wish a visitor to see your soon-to-be-everywhere banners. It looks like this picture right here:


Once it’s all online, your visitors will get to your site as usual and load your site as well as the little magic snippet. This snippet of code is made to do one thing: Put a marker onto their computer, that we call a cookie, that will put them in what we call a remarketing list. It is those who are in those lists that will see your ads.

Google Display Remarketing or AdRoll Retargeting?

So, now you know that this is what you want and how it works, you need to know where to start. First thing you’ll want to know is which service provider will you go with? Here’s some tips to find the right choice for your business.

Google AdWords Remarketing

If you currently run a Google AdWords campaign for your site, you probably heard of the Google search and display networks. Remarketing campaigns only work on the Display network, in both text and image ads, which gives you about 60% of the web to remarket your visitors to, which is not bad at all.


Here’s the key features that may make Google Remarketing the best option for you and your business:

  1. Wide variety of banner sizes to choose from;
  2. Lots of bidding options to choose from (CPC, CPM, Smart);
  3. Widespread Google AdWords implementation makes an all-in-one solution;
  4. Google Apps integration makes reporting a breeze;
  5. Pre-payment and post-payment options;
  6. Certified consultants and agencies available.

AdRoll Retargeting

If you have already been using some sort of online publicity platform, you might have heard of AdRoll. AdRoll acts as a third party offering solutions spread over almost all networks, including Google, Bing, Yahoo and even Facebook. This makes AdRoll the one able to deliver their user’s campaigns to 95% of the web, hence giving them an edge in terms of reach for us.


As I did with Google’s platform, let’s take a look at the key features of the AdRoll Retargeting platform:

  1. Fewer banner sizes makes the ad creation process simpler;
  2. Sleek and easy new interface;
  3. Incredible claimed reach (‘% of the web);
  4. Easy, simple and straight-forward campaign setup;
  5. Support for the Facebook FBX Remarketing platform;
  6. Pre-payment option only;
  7. CPM and weekly budget setup only.

AdRoll’s Facebook FBX Retargeting

Yes, you read right. You can, since a few weeks now, setup a remarketing campaign that will show banners to your visitors directly into their Facebook account. As you might guess, Facebook is referring more than 10% of all Social Media traffic to websites worldwide. You want to be there.


So, I hear you asking me, where can we retarget people on Facebook? Well, currently there’s 2 ways to make you banner pop on your audience’s Facebook pages: In sidebar-located ads and in newsfeed-located ads. Let’s take a look at how exciting that is with another simple graph. Just imagine the impact this can have on your business.


The verdict

So, now you can see that where Google AdWords may be more flexible, AdRoll proposes more reach and Facebook Retargeting, which is quite a big feature to look at. What you should ask yourself while taking a decision would be:

  • Do I already run a Google AdWords campaign?
  • Am I new to the remarketing world?
  • Do I want to go with Facebook Retargeting?
  • Do I want the extra reach AdRoll provides?

But, do you really need to make a choice between Google AdWords and AdRoll? I think not. What I would recommend is, if you are new to remarketing but do have a Google AdWords campaign running, why not try to start a $10 per day remarketing campaign in AdWords and see if it fits your needs. Then, if you want to take your remarketing a step further, go on with AdRoll!

Quick tips to go

Collect visitor data early

If you plan on starting a remarketing campaign soon, I would recommend that you put the AdRoll SmartPixel or the Google Audience tag on your site to collect visitor data so that when you start your campaign, you will be able to start right off without having to wait for your list to fill up.

Make sure to add UTM tags to your AdRoll Ads URLs

Adding UTM tags to your URLs in your AdRoll ads will help you keep track of your website’s visitor flow when going cross platform. If you need help adding UTM tags to your URLs, check out the Google’s URL Builder tool to ensure you do it right!

Don’t try to do everything right

If it’s the first time you setup a campaign using banners, do not try to make the perfect banner, you won’t be able to. Instead, do what you think is best and make variants to test which banner works better by relying on data you will get in the next 2 to 3 weeks.

So, that is all for now! I wish you an happy remarketing journey and invite you to open the discussion right down in the comments below.

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