A Guide To E-Commerce Conversion Tracking Using Google Tag Manager
by Pier-Yves C Valade / Monday, 27 January 2014

So, I came up with this fantastic idea to setup the script management of one of the clients I manage with Google Tag Manager, which is quite a fantastic idea for normal tags like Google Analytics, Remarketing tags and so on. But then came the fun part: Conversion tracking with the GTM isn’t exactly what

Getting the most out of your Remarketing Campaign
by Pier-Yves C Valade / Friday, 06 December 2013
Published in PPC & Advertising

So there’s the brand new site of your competitor that you just landed on. It’s so awesome that whenever you go to another site, there is those fancy banners reminding you again and again how awesome your competitor is. Here’s a competitor of one of my clients which restlessly remarkets me with sexy men underwear