Inbound Marketing and LinkedIn: a B2B love affair

Inbound Marketing and LinkedIn: a B2B love affair

by Gabriel Touchette / Tuesday, 07 January 2014 / Published in Social media

Many articles have already been written about the undeniable advantages of using LinkedIn for HR purposes. Unfortunately, very few of those are approaching or talking about the other major advantages that LinkedIn offers for businesses.

Let’s take advantage from this situation and create an article dedicated to the extra value that LinkedIn brings to your inbound marketing strategy.

Some key statistics for LinkedIn

With over 259 million users, LinkedIn is the third most popular social platform. It stands out from the crowd by its vocation.  Where most social media aim at being fun and lifestyle oriented, LinkedIn focuses solely on the professional profile of its members. People using LinkedIn use it to broadcast their professional profiles, use it to connect with other professionals and seek new opportunities or informations that may help them.

Moreover, 64% of LinkedIn users are based outside of the US and located over 200 different countries. This is very interesting when it comes to expanding your geographical reach and build your brand awareness across countries.

Plus, 81% of LinkedIn users joined at least one group. Groups allow you to join conversations on specific topics. You can share ideas, opinions and informations.

Inbound MarketingInbound Marketing

As inbound marketers, we thrive to produce the best content for our personas. We share this content trough various channels with the hope of helping potential leads to convert.

Depending on your personas profiles and types, we adapt the channels we use to share our content. For B2C businesses, many companies quickly adopted the social media sphere since it allows for rapid and easy connections with their end users. However, for B2B companies the decision wasn’t always that easy and this is where LinkedIn becomes a major turning point.


Using LinkedIn for your inbound marketing strategy

As a social media used for professional purposes, users have somewhat of an etiquette to follow on LinkedIn.

–       First of all, you are limited on the amount of groups that you can join. Choose them wisely. Make sure to join groups that are in line with what you plan to publish.

–       Many groups require to be accepted. So once you are approved, before starting to post articles, take the time to review and contribute to the existing material. Do not dump your content in those groups, be respectful.

–       Identify the group influencers. Agree or challenge them by taking position and comment, you will show your interest and when your turn to post an article will arrive, they will be more likely to do the same for you.

–       Ask questions and if you can, provide answers. This will reinforce your position in the group. You will gain in influence.

–       Share only the content that is relevant to the group. Don’t share social media management articles on a group dedicated to KPI’s for example.

Study Results

All of this is very nice, but we all want to see results! According to a study by Marketing Charts, 46.2% of the agencies surveyed chose LinkedIn as their most important for new business followed by blog (‘.1%), Facebook (‘.8%), Twitter (‘.8%) and Google+ (‘.1%). The study also showed that agencies found LinkedIn more effective for new businesses.

SocialMediab2b goes further and state’s that LinkedIn generates more leads then Facebook, Twitter and Blogging for B2B.


Our Results

I decided to dig in our analytics data to compare numbers to validate what was mentioned by the previous studies.

Here at Ludis Media, LinkedIn is a major source of traffic. Even if it’s not the most effective, it is our 4th most popular source of traffic after Scoop it, Google+ and Facebook.

Even if it generates a little less visits, LinkedIn proved to outperform our other channels in terms of quality of the visits.  LinkedIn brought on average 64% of new visitors, which is more than our most popular channel as well as keeping a bounce rate that is actually lower.

Another interesting fact is the amount of traffic we receive from outside North America. Thanks to LinkedIn, we managed to make connections with companies that were, until then, out of reach geographically.

The visits from LinkedIn also generated more pages viewed per visit and longer average visit duration which gave more chance to the visitors to convert and read trough our articles.

As for our conversion, we did manage to get more leads but only time will tell us if those captured leads will turn into clients. We are positive and already have moved many leads further down in our conversion funnel.



LinkedIn is a powerful social media that fits nicely with your inbound marketing strategy. It should not be disregarded and should, in fact, become a stepping stone for your inbound efforts. If you have any questions or comments feel free to ask in the comment box below and I will gladly respond as soon as possible.



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Gabriel Touchette, Ludis Media
Gabriel Touchette est diplômé de l’Université Bishop’s. Étudiant sérieux, il s’est inscrit avec succès dans une double concentration, soit en entrepreneurship et en marketing (BBA, 2012). De plus, il a reçu un diplôme de l’Université de Sherbrooke en maîtrise en commerce électronique (M.Sc, 2013). Entrepreneur dans l’âme, en 2013, il fonde, une des plus grandes communautés Web dédiées à la pêche au Québec. Directeur marketing chez Ludis Media, Gabriel est passionné de stratégies Web. Tellement mordu par son métier qu’il demeure à l’affût de toutes les nouvelles tendances marketing, et ce, dès leur création.

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