Search Engines & Inbound marketing

Since the majority of people are now turning to the Internet when searching for information on a product, it is important for you to be well referenced by search engines.

SEO and Inbound marketing

SEO is an advisory service that aims to increase your visits and your income from the organic segment of search engines. The organic results are the results of confidence put forward by the search engines in order to meet a very specific issue or a specific request from a potential client, browsing the web. It is important to understand the search habits of your consumers to position your keywords.

Ludis Media offers a complete SEO solution, divided into 4 steps:

  1. Audit: Comprehensive analysis of your website and its optimization needs.
  2. Implementation: Implementation of the SEO on-site strategy according to recommendations from the analysis.
  3. SEO and acquisition: Strategic Planning of organic traffic acquisition to increase your position in your industry and maximize your return on investment.
  4. Monitoring and counseling strategy: Personalized monitoring, objectives and tasks tracking.