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What is Inbound marketing?

It's a marketing strategy that aims to attract, convert and retain customers by targeting their interests and needs. The objective is to bring the consumer to you, rather than sollicitate him through traditional marketing methods.

Traditional Marketing is dead

The new emerging medias are reforming the traditional marketing strategies. This pushes all marketers to review their sales methods

Outbound 1

200 Million numbers on the Do Not Call List.

44% of direct mail is never opened.
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86% of people skip TV commercials.

Why inbound marketing

Consumers have changed, as their behaviors and needs. They have continually access to information, they inform themselves about everything and are constantly connected to social networks.

1.85 billion active users on social networks

Lead conversion is 100% higher on social media than in any traditional marketing campaign

There are more than 4 billion searches completed on Google, every day!

Take the inbound turn and discover our solutions!

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