A Day Without Internet

A Day Without Internet

by Gabriel Touchette / Friday, 28 March 2014 / Published in Inbound Marketing, Market News

I wake up to the sound of my alarm clock, stretch a bit and get ready for my day of work. I wonder what the temperature is going to be like today? I open the window and have a look at the sky and take a deep breath.

The weather looks great, and everything seems to be up for a good day. I go down the kitchen and open the TV for my morning news. Hey, we got to keep informed about what happened yesterday in the world!

I then turn around and start cooking my breakfast and get ready to eat! I stare at my plate for a moment and wonder what my friends might be eating this morning… Sharing my photo of my meal, for example, in an instant… Ah, never mind! I eat my breakfast, brush my teeth and get ready for work.

I open the door, grab the newspaper and quickly look through it. I am looking for a used lawnmower in the classified ads since mine broke yesterday… Nothing interesting for today argg… I’ll keep the journal to read at work the results for the local sport team of yesterday.

I jump in the car, buckle my seat belt and leave the driveway. I take the time to salute my neighbours before leaving. It is important to have an active social life. We often organise neighbour party and take picture. Its fun to have our face in books that we can look at from time to time!

On my way to work, there is a roadblock for construction. I wish I had a map to find a better route… I guess left and right and finally manage to find an alternative path. It only took me four squares away!

I arrive at work, punch my timesheet and stop at the billboard to see the next job party. Would be great to have a billboard to pin our interests

I also look at the managerial board to be aware of what’s planned for today and to see if there is any bottle neck that I could foresee to plan accordingly with my team.

I prepare the workload for everybody and get ready to call a meeting to dispatch the tasks to my team. I wish there were a more effective way to do that… I wish I could get in touch with them automatically and keep track of project progression… Gab quit daydreaming and get ready for your meeting!

handy-whiteboardWe all gather in the conference room and start talking about the project and I distribute the tasks. John, our marketing expert, complains about how hard it is to calculate ROI on marketing activities. He knows that roughly half of its print budget doesn’t bring any value, but he can’t determine which half it is. He would like to have some sort of system where you could track our lead according to which source they came. He says he would like a system that uses the word from his ads to collect more data, but, unfortunately, it’s not possible… If only his ads words could reveal us more…

Tim, our HR specialist, is also sharing us his concerns that he has about having to hire a lead business manager. He’s been posting ads on various journal for a moment, and he doesn’t manage to reach the right type of managers. He would like to be able to reach out to qualified prospect. He wishes he could link into some high value prospect…

We finish the meeting, and all agree that we need some more information on how the African market could respond to a particular type of promotion we send an intern to the library to collect more data from studies. Sometimes we just wish we had goggle to have answers right away…

I go back to my desk and get ready for a conference call with clients. They haven’t received the document yet, and I have to explain them visual element from our performance reports. If only I could use some sort of video conferencing system… How much easier would that make presenting report to clients?

It’s almost the end of the day and I haven’t reported my team performance and advancement. Imagine having a system that would collect all that and enable me to keep track of everything… How much more productive would I be…

It’s the end of the day and I haven’t had the chance to do much other than my management task… The week is going to be long!

Lets get back to reality for a moment. What kind of day would that be as an inbound marketer if we didn’t have Internet? It had a tremendous impact on our life. It made lots of tasks much more simple, more effective, gave us access to a never dreamed level of data, and it even created a whole new spectrum of job available.


It consistently changed the way we search things, the way we shop and even the way we interact with our social life!

We often hear people complaining about various element of the web, and I believe it is important to take a step back and take a look at when we didn’t have any of that. When put in context, we soon realize that the Internet brought many great things to us marketers, and we should be grateful to be able to work with it.

I hope you enjoy this contextual article. Its goal wasn’t to teach anything new, but just to make us realize that we are often picky about the tool we have and sometimes just by putting things in perspective, we manage to appreciate a bit more what we have.

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Gabriel Touchette, Ludis Media
Gabriel Touchette est diplômé de l’Université Bishop’s. Étudiant sérieux, il s’est inscrit avec succès dans une double concentration, soit en entrepreneurship et en marketing (BBA, 2012). De plus, il a reçu un diplôme de l’Université de Sherbrooke en maîtrise en commerce électronique (M.Sc, 2013). Entrepreneur dans l’âme, en 2013, il fonde PecheQC.ca, une des plus grandes communautés Web dédiées à la pêche au Québec. Directeur marketing chez Ludis Media, Gabriel est passionné de stratégies Web. Tellement mordu par son métier qu’il demeure à l’affût de toutes les nouvelles tendances marketing, et ce, dès leur création.

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