Héro Ludis
Our mission is to provide service and support to all business sizes, through the creation of a web marketing strategy and its application. We combine talent and expertise to reach new heighs . As the ROI is the big thing in any given strategy, we, at Ludis, consider monitoring and optimising activites as a «must» and a top priority for our clients

Our Values

1 Knowledge

In our field, the best practices are constantly changing, therefore it’s important for us to stay informed and up to date. In addition, our specialists receive complete formations and work together to reach our clients’ expectations.

2 Performance

Performance: Following up weekly with our clients’ campaigns is something that we truly value and that helps us reach our targeted goals. We work with the tools that we consider the most efficient

3 Transparency

We build a trustful and collaborative relationship with our customers.

4 Empathy

We care about our clients, about the challenges they face in their jobs and about their success. Before going forward with a strategy, we make sure that our clients are comfortable with it.

5 Awesomeness

Whether it is by our project management, by the application of inbound strategies or by our dynamic team.

6 Generosity

Wether it is inside our team or with clients, our specialists are always available to answer one’s questions. They provide an almost immediate response to clients’ requests and questions.