10 Quick Twitter Marketing Tips for Best Results

10 Quick Twitter Marketing Tips for Best Results

by Erin / Tuesday, 01 April 2014 / Published in Social media


Social media marketing can have a substantial impact on a business’s value, especially in regard to how visible it is compared to competitors. However, success on social media cannot be achieved by simply tweeting whatever comes to your mind. There must be a well-planned strategy in place, one that aligns with the general practicalities of quality business plans on social media.

For a business to begin compiling a social media plan on Twitter, it’s important to keep in mind the ten quick tips below. The following Twitter marketing tips will aid in increasing follower engagement, business visibility and overall reputation.

1. Monitor Customer Support

Your business should be aware of each and every tweet sent its way, especially if it’s a support or troubleshooting request. Not only will prompt and informative responses prove helpful to current followers, but your speedy response time and helpful reply will appear to their followers as well, potentially resulting in leads.


2. Establish Your Tone

Ask yourself: How do you want Twitter users to perceive your business? Do you want to provide the impression of no-nonsense technical wizards with a targeted audience? Or perhaps you’d prefer a more general and down-to-earth approach, with numerous topics at your disposal? Regardless, be sure to head in a focused direction in regard to tone and content.

3. Use an Optimal Picture

Individual professionals should use a high-quality head-shot, while businesses should usually use their logo. Slight adjustments to the logo can be made to spice it up during seasons or holidays, but generally it should remain consistent, so followers can associate your logo with your tweets.


hashtags-twitter-niche-keywords4. Identify Niche Keywords

Hashtags can be very effective when proper, search-friendly keywords are used. For example, if you’re a motorcycle attorney, then using a variety of hashtags — from very specific ones such as #motorcyclelaws to common ones such as #bikers — within a tweet can help drive in new leads.


5. Consider a Weekly Timeline

If consistent postings are a challenge, assign different tweet types to different days of the week. For instance, Monday can be a day to offer helpful tips in your industry, while Tuesdays can be used to post recent news relevant to your industry.

6. Implement Multimedia

Research has shown that re-tweets most often contain photos, videos, links or quotes. Engagement tends to increase with multimedia or engaging external content, so be sure to consider them frequently when composing your tweets.

7. Follow Users in Your Niche

The “follow-first” rule on Twitter means that one follows a user first, in return expecting to get followed back. If you follow a user within your business’s interest niche, they will likely follow back, or at least check your business out for prospective services. This is a good strategy for new Twitter accounts to build a following. Clicking “favorite” on tweets from other users provides similar benefits.


twitter-contest-funny8. Host Contests on Twitter

Give away a free service or product in exchange for following your company’s Twitter account. This will absolutely increase your number of Twitter followers, but it’s up to you to keep them engaged past the contest. Ask contest entrants to both follow the account and re-tweet your contest entry tweet to ensure widespread visibility.



9. Resend Tweets with Various Angles

This won’t be as effective if your business is very locally targeted, but businesses seeking to expand their customer base should tweet at various times of the day, to ensure visibility throughout all time zones. If you’re at a loss for a new idea, re-phrase an old tweet and gauge the reaction across various time zones.

10. Maximize Twitter Search Tools

Using Twitter services like Topsy can help improve your grasp of the general Twitter-sphere, specifically trends that you can tweet about that are likely to result in follower engagement. Search for successful tweets within your business’s niche to generate conversation and tweet ideas.

By using the ten quick tips above, you can expand the reach of your business on Twitter, resulting in an increase in leads and conversions that can help propel your business to the next level.

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